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Transform your mind, body, and life using the right way with an inspiring and motivating community.

What is Just LEAN > > > In ?

Just Lean In is a weight loss company that focuses on helping people lose weight in the healthiest way possible. We are here to match you with someone special who meets your needs, understands your story, and uses that to help you reach the healthiest version of yourself. We want you to connect with a coach with whom you can build a lifetime relationship, inspiring, motivating, and helping you establish the healthiest lifestyle that lasts.

Beyond our incredible weight loss programs and meal plans for you, we’re here to help you understand yourself better, whether it’s about your sleep problems impacting your weight loss journey or your struggle to control your food cravings. So, let us walk with you throughout your journey to coach you and cheer you on to better health and lifestyle!

The Just Lean > > > In Mission

The Just Lean In Community believes that, together, we can accomplish more. You will never feel alone on this wellness journey, as your fitness coach will assign you an accountability partner to help you stay on track no matter how busy your life gets. Inspire each other and be on your way to the best version of yourself. At Just Lean In, there are only good vibes, happy thoughts, and positive mindsets. Be a part of our community today, and let’s motivate one another to greatness!

We Care For Your Success

At Just Lean In, we understand the importance of the state of your overall wellness in achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

 That’s why we’ve ensured that throughout your weight loss journey, you will receive the proper support you’ll need while staying on track.

One-on-One Coaching

Have a fitness program tailored for your body and lifestyle to maximize your workout benefits. We will closely work together step by step until you reach your fitness and wellness goals. Whether you need to ask questions about your program or you need someone to celebrate your small wins with you, we’ll always be here.

Workout Plans

Get in your best shape with a customized workout plan that’s specifically designed for your body. You will receive 26 new workouts that are fun and easy to follow, no matter where you are. Every workout is pre-planned and designed to match your meal for the day for maximum benefits and efficiency.

Customized Meal Plans

Supplement your workouts with healthy, delicious meals created just for you. You will evaluate your eating habits with your fitness coach and come up with easy-to-make meals to incorporate with your workout plan. With our nutritious meal plans, you can enjoy great-tasting meals without sacrificing what you’ve worked for.

Creating Lasting Relationships with Virtual Weight Loss Training

Relationships – that’s what sets Just Lean In apart from other coaching programs. We believe that deep, 
genuine connections between our clients and coaches, where everyone feels valid and understood, are vital
to helping our clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals. We’ll be all the way with you throughout your
fitness journey to better health and lifestyle.


Just Lean In goes beyond motivating you to work out every single day. We do more than just weight loss – weight loss is just a side effect of our program. We help you find the best version of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.


You will have an accountability buddy to help you stay on track, encouraging you not to skip workouts


Fitness programs and meal plans are designed for your body and lifestyle, maximizing your benefits.


You will meet friendly, welcoming, and supportive community members that will motivate you to achieve your goals.

Move Better and Feel Healthier with Just Lean > > > In

Whether you’re struggling to find a will to go to the gym or simply don’t have the time to visit the gym every day, the Just Lean In community is here to provide you with solutions that will make you fit and stay fit at home. Our affordable fitness plans allow persons of all ages to enjoy working out and eating nutritious food in the comfort of their homes. We can’t wait for you to be a part of our community!

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