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At Just Lean In, our team of experts have taken years of combined experience and research to create our program. Our bodies are smart and they adapt. That is why calorie-restricted diets eventually stop working. Just Lean In utilizes different phases with specific macros and food choices. This significant differential between each phase has been carefully calculated to avoid the dreaded plateau. The strategically planned shift between each phase outsmarts your body’s innate ability to adapt, and fires up your metabolism. All of this happens without counting calories or going hungry.

We eliminate foods that are inflammatory while still offering a huge variety of wholesome, nutritious foods. We have created recipes that you and your family will love. We provide easy to follow meals and shopping lists with menus that fit each phase, so there is NO guesswork.

Additionally, we have carefully designed a fitness program that perfectly pairs with each phase. The foods and macros you eat will fit synergistically with the chosen workout for that day to support your body and feed your muscles for the maximum benefit for each rep. Our exercises can be modified to any level or skill set to create a customized challenge.

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