Step To Stories


That is why we created…

Step to Stories by Emily Phillips

Do you find yourself with that pang of guilt after binge-watching your fav TV show, and eating a share bag of popcorn?…We hear you! That is why we’ve created STEPS TO STORIES, the binge-worthy channel of Inspirational Stories, True Crime Documentaries, and interviews with some of life’s most Motivational Souls! All brought to you by Just Lean In founder, Emily Phillips. While you’re taken on a journey of wonderment, together, we will get in 4k-6k steps per episode, guided through a simple step routine! Let’s get off the couch, rid ourselves of that guilt and start stepping! See you there, Emily.



I am very honored and excited to be Emily’s partner here at Just Lean In! I have a bachelors degree in nutrition which has always been a passion of mine.Knowing the right foods to fuel your body properly is vital to our success. I was tired of all the “diet and quick fixes” and it wasn’t until I came across this amazing physical and mentally altering program (Just Lean In) that I was able to see and feel sustainable results.Alongside my passion of nutrition and wellness, I am a single mom of two girls ages 3.5 & 6. I am excited to support you along your health journey. Looking forward to Leaning in together!



I’m inspired that you are here!! I am a mom of three children, ages 4, 8, and
12, and a 21-year-old bonus son. My husband is an emergency room doctor, and we live in Celina, Texas. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for health and fitness. At 16 years old, I was one of the youngest women to become a certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer. Still, over the years, I struggled with weight loss, body image, binging, sugar addiction, eating disorders… you name it, and I have dealt with it! After years of research, I have finally found the secret ingredients that will help you lose that stubborn weight, create a healthy lifestyle, and feel amazing while
doing it! I believe weight loss is a positive side effect of a
combination of several healthy habits!